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Residential plumbing can be a nightmare. Unless you built your home from the ground up, you really don’t know what lurks in your plumbing. We can help you start eliminating these questions. Next time you call us to do plumbing at your home, let us give you some free information about your homes plumbing. For example, Where the shut offs are or how to react during an emergency. Tips on what you should do before you go on vacation. Or discuss the type of fixtures you should have in the house.

We can help with questions like

“Can I put in a tank-less water heater?” , “ How do I get my hot water to where I need it faster?”, “How do I clean my disposal if my septic tank fails”, “Can I connect to the city lines?” The list goes on and on.”

Let us help you save money and receive the luxury of a well operated home. Some repairs if done properly can be done by you perhaps during your spring cleaning. For example, flushing your water heater every year extends its life and your pocket book. Inspecting your toilets for leaks can be done with a simple food color dye test. These and many other tips help lower the future expenses of owning a home.

One last thing, don’t forget when you decide to do some remodeling, minor upgrades to your plumbing are less expensive. So be sure to let us know your future plans on our visit. Or use the ask a contractor on our website button or just click on remodeling

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