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While we may be a new kid on the block in terms of years we’ve been open, our state licensed plumber and partnering technicians have been licensed by state and have over 20 years combined service. And many of those years to date doing plumbing right here in Atlanta. Let’s keep it real; we all have to start somewhere to be qualified to even open a business and to really know your trade. Johnnie, one of our state licensed plumbers has had many successful years with a plumbing company here locally in Fulton, Cobb and DeKalb Counties and out west in California. He has been licensed to do plumbing in 3 states to date. We are a family owned business; a husband and wife team and we seek to provide the best service possible. A large part of why we started our business was due to customer encouragement and a love for providing excellent service. A lot of previous customers, both residential and commercial, were so please with the work Johnnie had performed they often encouraged him to hang out his own shingle. They promised to support him when he did and they have. Johnnie is passionate about everything dealing with drains, plumbing and pipes! Keeping your homes and commercial spaces running smoothly. He loves it and is truly dedicated to his craft.

We really do believe in working to cultivate strong neighborly relationships whenever possible. While we have support from national part houses as you will see on our site,we are not part of national franchise company and we don’t charge inflated rates. We think you will agree we quote a fair price for each and every job. We look forward to many years of service and to developing friendly neighborhood business working relationship.

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We have 20 years of plumbing experience and ready to service your plumbing needs.

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